La Toyia Fleming

A free spirited Graphic Designer and Vegan

As a designer, I have the ability to create marketing material conveying value for both clients and end users. Establishing customer value. I create bang for your buck!

I’ve always heard “turn your passion into a profession.” I love to draw so I decided to make a profession out of graphic design by enrolling into the Associate Degree and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree programs at The Barbados Community College. My years at college where some of the best years of my life.

I love life! I’m vegan and a free spirit so becoming a freelance graphic designer was the best career and lifestyle choice for me. What I eat is very important to sharpen the brain and boosting creativity. I find inspiration everywhere; while meditating at the beach or hiking. Studies suggest that nature can help the brain be more creative and the body to stay healthy.

I am also passionate about teaching design. I developed this passion after being nudged into a teaching role with the Community Development Organisation in Barbados. The transition from creating designs to teaching was life changing. When I put on my teaching hard hat I utilise creativity, leadership and teamwork to help develop the minds of young creative thinkers. The experience propelled me to take up the role of Instructional Designer at The Creative Academy of Visual and Digital Art.

I get high on design, surrounding myself with creativity and creative minds. DIY projects is another passion and I love to get my hands dirty. To be inspired is what I live for and to inspire others with my uniquely holistic personality and approach to design. I am a dreamer, a doer, a thinker, I see possibility everywhere.